balkan funk, jazzfolk and transylvanian pop 

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Hello! Buna Ziua! Szia!

I am Koszika, a Transylvanian born and based singer-songwriter. I am constantly searching for truth, wisdom, lessons, sounds, colors, words, voices, tones, animals … and my phone.

I have a band called the HotShots and together we roam through styles, forms, genres, roads, sceneries, time and space. We’ve been together since 2011 and we’ve been on hundreds of adventures together. You can also find me performing with my partner Szász Csaba as The Koszorus Krisztina & Szász Csaba Duo.

I also play the violin and I love ethnic music, I am Hungarian, but I speak  with my mouth full, and I smile a lot. 🙂 I love words, melodies, harmonies, cats, rodents and cats and yes I know I said cats twice.

As you scroll through these pages, you’ll see me go in many different musical directions and just how versatile I can be. Here you’ll find lots of music of all kinds, all smells, all spices, from reggae to bossa nova, Hungarian folk songs to funky beats, from soul music to swing, pop to dreamy, classical to tango, I give you covers, originals, protest songs and jazz standards.

Send me a message, I’d love to hear from you! ☮

About Koszorus Krisztina - Koszika

Koszorus Krisztina, also known as Koszika, is a Transylvanian-Romanian born and based Hungarian ethnic singer-songwriter.  She has a BA in Classical Violin Interpretation but she feels most at home in jazz with folklore influences.

Her culturally colorful background certainly adds a twist to her approach to any kinds of music, but she tries to remain true, humble and respectful to what she considers to be the tradition and values of the music. The love for ethnic sounds kept driving her to push her musical boundaries and made her reuse the inherited knowledge on Hungarian, Romanian and gypsy cultures in her musical projects, mixing and combining Hungarian traditional songs with bossa nova, swing, reggae or even drum and bass.

She is a triple awarded jazz vocalist, winning Best Singer Award at Targu Mures International Youth Jazz Festival in 2015, Best Vocalist at Sibiu International Jazz Competition in 2016, Best Vocal Soloist at Johnny Raducanu International Jazz Festival, Braila, 2016.

Krisztina is an active member of the Romanian jazz and funk communities, also collaborating with other projects, such as TANGO!, a tango-based experience, and launching KOSZ!KA, her solo pop/neosoul project.

In 2011, Krisztina co-founded funk-band Koszika & The HotShots along with fellow musician Szász Csaba, who also is the other member in the Koszorus Krisztina & Szász Csaba duo. The HotShots is well known and successful in Romania, having played all the Romanian mainstream festivals having toured Europe in France, Italy, Austria and Hungary.